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Welcome to the artistic world to Markaz Al Noqoosh Al Jameela( Beautiful Henna Design Centre).We are based in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi. We are one of the most famous and leading salons in Abu Dhabi for henna.

UAE is a country of rich heritage and culture, and Henna is a tradition here. Henna is the simplest adornment of the Arab women , yet the most beautiful and popular from years ago to date. The women of the UAE have emerged with the times, as more fashion aware and conscious, but henna remains as an inseparable part of their culture and traditions.


We, here in the UAE since the early 1990's, understand the needs of the modern and traditional women alike and provide them with the henna designing that not only makes their hands and feet more beautiful, but makes them ever so more appealing.

Henna for the Arab women is indispensable in their weddings, and we're right here to cater to the brides. We do everything from Intricate Indian designing, to traditional Arabic designing, to authentic and modern fashionable designing, to tattoos of all styles.

Beautiful Heena


Ms. Purvi Gokani

P. O. Box No.34069, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Tel Nos.: 02-6343963. 050-8115626(Ruby)

050-3452624 (Purvi).